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How do I share my company’s transactional data with investors?

Providing your financial transaction history can be an important step to securing funding. Learn the steps to do this.

Sharing your transactional history, sometimes called a customer tape, is a key step in creating and completing your Intelligent Capital Market account. Providing your transaction history is important to investors who want to understand the behavior of recurring transactions and gives them insights into your revenue projections. Having this information available in ICM may unlock access to different investors or accelerate the pace of due diligence to make sure you can be funded quicker.

For more information on what financial information investors want you to provide, please refer to this article.

Our recommended way to securely share this information is to connect your payment processor such as Stripe to your ICM account. For more information on creating data connections to your ICM account, please reference these articles.

Hum does allow you to upload your customer transaction tape manually. To do so, you will need to pre-populate a C.SV file that includes the following fields:

  • Customer Unique ID
  • Acquisition Date
  • Order ID
  • Transaction Date
  • ZIP Code
  • Transaction Channel
  • Quantity Ordered
  • Gross Sales
  • Net Sales

Below is an example of this CSV file.

Screenshot of a CSV file that is a template for uploading transactional data to Hum ICM, also known as uploading a Customer Tape. It contains nine columns: Customer Unique ID, Acquisition Date, Order ID, Transaction date, Zip Code, Transaction Channel, Quantity Ordered, Gross Sales, Net Sales 

For your convenience, we have included a template of this .CSV for you to download.

If you have any questions about uploading your financial transaction history through a data connection or manually uploading your customer tape, please contact support@humcapital.com.