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What financial information will I need to provide to start a fundraising process?

Learn about the financial information needed to get started with Hum's Capital Intelligent Capital Market (ICM)

What information do I need to provide to start a fundraising process?

Investors on Hum's ICM will want records that provide a clear picture of your company's financial and business performance. This may include:

  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Transactional data or customer tapes, and
  • Capitalization tables or projection models

Investors prefer companies to directly connect their finance and accounting systems rather than manually uploading financial files.  Read more about how directly connecting your data could benefit your company.

For manual uploads, investors prefer that you provide 24 months of data, broken down on a monthly -- not quarterly or annual -- basis.

In addition to your company's core financials, you can upload files such as pitch decks, biographies of your founding team, customer testimonials, etc to your company's data room to help tell your company story.  These files, as well as the financial data you choose to provide, can be shared with potential investors directly from Hum's secure platform. 

Read more about how Hum keeps your company's data safe and secure.

Can I delete my data after uploading it to the ICM?

Absolutely.  Your data is always yours.  Just submit a written request and we’ll delete your data from our systems.  You can submit your written request to support@humcapital.com.