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Why do I need to connect my financial systems to work with Hum?

Connecting your financial systems provides investors with an accurate view of your business and speeds up the time to funding.

By connecting business systems, such as Quickbooks or Netsuite, you make it faster and easier for investors to make a decision about financing your company.

As a first step in helping you secure funding, Hum Capital's Intelligent Capital Market (ICM) analyzes your business performance, and then matches you with investors interested in businesses like yours.

Connecting your systems as part of onboarding to Hum:

  • Saves you the time and hassle of manually uploading files every time you talk to investors
  • Gives investors access via a secure data room to the information they will need for due diligence
  • Keeps your business data secure through a machine-to-machine connection

Finally, there are some financing options on Hum's platform that are only available to companies who connect their data directly to our ICM.

For more information about how to connect your data systems, please see these Help Center articles.