What is SmartRaise? And what is its relationship to Hum’s Intelligent Capital Market?

Learn how Hum could potentially get your funding in about one day.

SmartRaise is new functionality in Hum’s Intelligent Capital Market (ICM) that uses a rules-based decisioning to quickly give companies preliminary funding terms based on their financial data. These indicative or preliminary terms are made by participating SmartRaise investors and are usually delivered within one business day of companies connecting their financial systems to Hum’s ICM.  

The SmartRaise process enables companies to quickly receive terms, and ultimately provides a path to close financing that is aligned with their financial profile and needs.

SmartRaise is valuable to institutional investors because it enables them to leverage Hum’s ICM and the data it collects to programmatically invest in private capital without having to dramatically grow their deal origination or analyst teams.

Companies that qualify for a SmartRaise can choose to decline the preliminary terms and explore other options with the 350+ investors on the Intelligent Capital Market. There is no cost to a company to explore a SmartRaise offer.