What is Hum's SmartRaise process?

Learn more about how the SmartRaise Process works

SmartRaise is a funding option on Hum’s Intelligent Capital Market (ICM) that uses companies’ financial data to generate preliminary funding offers based on the companies’ financial profile. 

These preliminary terms are made by participating SmartRaise investors and are usually delivered within one business day of companies connecting their financial systems to Hum’s ICM. 

The benefit of the SmartRaise process is that it enables companies to quickly close financing that is aligned with their financial profile and needs.

Companies that qualify for a SmartRaise can choose to decline the offer and explore other options with the 350+ investors on the ICM.  

There is no cost to a company to explore a SmartRaise offer.  Companies would only pay Hum’s fee at the conclusion of a successful fundraising process.