What is Hum's SmartMatch process?

Learn about how SmartMatch can help you achieve your fundraising goals.

SmartMatch is Hum’s approach to helping companies secure capital by introducing them to multiple investors on Hum’s Intelligent Capital Market. Both SmartMatch and SmartRaise processes are both good paths for companies to secure the financing they want.  

The two processes differ in several ways:

  1. Financing options -- Currently, SmartRaise can only accommodate select types of debt deals. For example, acquisition financings or equity deals are more customized and would use the SmartMatch process. 
  2. Data source -- both the SmartRaise and SmartMatch process use Hum’s Intelligent Capital Market (ICM) to ingest and analyze company financial data. In a SmartMatch process, companies can either connect their data sources and/or manually upload files.  SmartRaise requires companies to connect to their financial systems in order to facilitate the more streamlined process.
  3. Number of engaged investors -- In a SmartRaise process, companies are immediately paired with an investor who is prepared to make preliminary terms based on the data ingested to ICM. In a SmartMatch process, Hum’s Capital Markets team introduces the company to multiple investors to explore different financing options.  
  4. Customized deal terms -- Because SmartRaise generates immediate offers, the deal terms are relatively standard although there may be still room to negotiate some aspects of the offer. In a SmartMatch process, each individual investor runs their own process to develop preliminary terms.