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What is Codat?  What does this have to do with Hum’s ICM?

Codat is an API platform Hum uses to help companies connect to common banking, accounting and commerce platforms

Codat is an API platform Hum uses to connect certain banking, accounting, and commerce platforms (such as Netsuite) to our Intelligent Capital Market.  

You control establishing a connection to your business systems.  In some instances, that connection will be via a custom integration Hum has built, and in others the connection will be facilitated by Codat’s API platform.  In either case, the user experience of connecting and authenticating will be similar.

Connecting your business systems to Hum’s ICM allows investors you are working with to pull real-time data about your business, which can help accelerate the due diligence process.  On average, companies that connect their data systems close their financing in half the time as those that manually upload data. 

You set up the Codat connection to ICM, and can choose to disconnect it at any time.  Please note, that if you close a financing round on ICM, most investors will require that you keep your data connected throughout the duration of your relationship.

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