What does a “preliminary terms” mean with SmartRaise?

With SmartRaise, eligible companies quickly receive "preliminary terms." Learn what that means.

Having preliminary terms in the SmartRaise process means there is an investor willing to provide the initial outline of a deal based on the financial profile of the qualifying company.  

With the streamlined approach SmartRaise facilitates, qualifying companies will receive notification that an investor is interested in extending preliminary, non-binding terms that the company and investor can start a discussion around. 

Receiving preliminary terms does not mean the company is obligated to take them. The company can either choose to engage the investor on these terms (possibly negotiating different final terms), or the company can decline the initial SmartRaise terms and move into Hum’s traditional SmartMatch offering.  

Either way, Hum’s goal is to partner with companies to help them find the best funding option for their situation.