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What are the minimum data requirements to work with Hum Capital?

Part of the onboarding process with Hum Capital requires companies to connect or upload financial data to the Hum Capital Intelligent Capital Market (ICM). Learn what those requirements are

Hum requests that ICM companies make available, either via a data connector (preferred), or via a file upload of 24 months of monthly income statements, balance sheets, and customer transactions.  

Benefits of including the requested amount of data include:

  • Cohort-based analytics of customer transactions
  • Analysis of annual seasonality and year-over-year growth and trends
  • Forecasts via Hum’s proprietary “Underwriter” tool
  • (Future) Benchmarking analysis versus other peer companies

However, when this is not available, our minimum data requirements in order to create a basic set of analytics in ICM are:

  • 12 months of monthly income statements
  • 12 months of monthly balance sheets (the same 12 months as the income statements)

Also, we also have certain company requirements:

  • The company must be U.S.-based
  • The company must have USD-denominated financial statements
  • The company must have financial statements labeled in English