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Does Hum require a mutual non-disclosure agreement? If so, how long does it last?

Signing a mutual non-disclosure agreement (MNDA) is part of sign-up process with Hum Capital. Here are some frequently asked questions about this process.

Why do I need to sign an MNDA?

Hum Capital takes data privacy very seriously and will keep your data confidential. With Hum’s Intelligent Capital Market, you decide when or if you want to share your data with investors - and you can revoke access at any time.

This MNDA formally documents that we mutually agree to not share confidential information with 3rd parties. Signing this means we agree to not disclose confidential or proprietary information you upload to Hum’s platform, and you agree to not share details about Hum’s platform or business you may become aware of as we help you raise capital.

How long does this mutual non disclosure agreement last?

The agreement lasts for two years from the date of signing. You can also request in writing to terminate the agreement, but any information you already provided, or had to access would still be covered under the agreement.

Can I delete my data after uploading it to the ICM?

Absolutely.  Your data is always yours.  Just submit a written request and we’ll delete your data from our systems.  You can submit your written request to support@humcapital.com.

Also, for any other questions regarding the MNDA, please also reach out to support@humcapital.com.