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How do I connect my Braintree data to Hum?

Connecting your financial systems provides investors with an accurate view of your business and can speed up the time to funding.

By connecting business systems, such as Braintree, you make it faster and easier for investors to make a decision about financing your company. To learn more about the benefits connecting your business systems to Hum Capital's Intelligent Capital Market (ICM), visit this article.

Connecting your Braintree account in ICM is quick and easy. You only need to:

Step 1) Log into your Hum ICM account

Step 2) Click on Data Sharing (top menu), then Connectors (left menu)

Step 3) Click on Payment Processor Tab, then click on 'Connect' button

Step 4) From the list of options on the right, choose Braintree

braintree - image5

Step 5) Paste your Merchant ID, Public Key, and Private Key into the relevant fields

braintree - image 6

Note: If you have trouble finding your Merchant ID, Public Key, or Private Key, please follow the instructions outlined here:


Your connection from Braintree to your ICM account should now be complete. If you have any further questions or need any further assistance, please contact Support.