How do I complete my company profile on Hum's Intelligent Capital Market (ICM)?

Learn the steps to take to quickly finish setting up your company profile in ICM

When you log in, you’ll see that the ICM has three main areas: 

  1. Data Sharing
  2. Insights 
  3. Funding Opportunities

Data Sharing is where you control what information you share with investors in your account and are the necessary steps to complete your ICM company profile. 

In Data Sharing, there are four menu options: 

  1. Get Started
  2. Connectors
  3. Document Data Room, and 
  4. Public Profile.

Your first stop in getting started with ICM is Getting Started. This is where you begin to build your data room by uploading files that investors will need to evaluate your business. 

Examples of the types of files you could upload would be your Business Overview Deck, or existing cap table. For more information, read this blog post: Building the Perfect Fundraising Data Room.

An advantage of using ICM to host these files is that you can grant investors you’re interested in working with permission to access your data and files you’ve uploaded. This allows you to see how they’re interacting with your data, and allows you to remove access any time you want. Having a cloud-based data room helps ensure your data is secure AND that investors are looking at the most recent version of your files.

The next menu item is Connectors.

Connecting your financial systems provides investors with an accurate view of your business and speeds up the time to funding.  By connecting financial systems, such as Quickbooks, you make it faster and easier for investors to make a decision about financing your company.  In our experience, companies that connect data (rather than providing manual uploads of financials) close their financing process in half the time. 

Additional benefits to connecting your business systems to the ICM include:

  • Saves you the time and hassle of updating and manually uploading files every time you talk to investors
  • Gives investors on-demand access via a secure data room to the data they need for due diligence
  • Keeps your business data secure through our SOC2 compliant platform

The ICM connects with most major financial systems such as Quickbooks, Netsuite, Xero, Stripe, Plaid, etc. 

If we don’t support the system you use, or you choose to not connect, you can manually upload statements in the Get Started section and then clicking on Build your document data room. For all the reasons mentioned before, Hum highly recommends you connect your data -- it’s fast, secure and saves you the hassle of manual uploads

The next menu item is the Document data room.

Here you can see all the documents you’ve uploaded, as well as the data uploaded through your Connectors. You will see a timestamp on each file so you can confirm the up-to-date information about your business is in the ICM.

The final section is The Public Profile where you’ll begin to build your fundraising story.

This section is where you describe your company and why investors should take a look at your company. In this section you can share:

  • How much you are looking to raise
  • Your industry
  • Your revenue model
  • Quick financial highlights on your business

You can complete or update your profile at any time.  Your profile will not be shared with any investors until you start a fundraising process.