How do companies receive new funding opportunities on Hum's Intelligent Capital Market (ICM)?

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There are two ways companies typically trigger a fundraising process with Hum:

  • At initial sign up - when a company initially sets up an ICM account and connects / uploads financial data, a member of Hum’s team will reach out to see if you are interested in starting a fundraising process.  Companies that connect their financial data (rather than manual upload) could automatically receive a SmartRaise [LINK] offer if they qualify. If a SmartRaise offer is not immediately available, Hum’s team will work with you to identify the types of financing you’d like to pursue.
  • At any time after initial set up - companies can choose to start a fundraising process at any time after they have created an ICM account.  Please contact Hum’s team to let them know you are interested in starting a fundraising process.